Me and My Windows7 (and our complex relation)

Apart from writing irregular blog posts, I work as a  website developer/designer and a graphics developer as well. So that means I have to stay with my laptop for almost all the time I’m awake, except for when I am traveling anywhere.

Also, for graphic designing more specifically, I have to rely on Windows 7 (for using CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator and other similar stuff).

Let me start from the start. I got a new Laptop (my first laptop) two years back.  It came with a licensed version of Windows 7 Home Basic. After around six months, I fell in love with Ubuntu. I fell in love with Linux. So i got it installed along side Windows first. It worked all fine for a few months. Then Windows would go sluggish once in a while. Then it increased. Then it told me that ‘Disk failure is Imminent’. At first I got worried, backed up my data, did lots of Googling, tried a lot of commands to sort out the issue. By this time, Windows stopped booting up, because of the hard disk problem. But this didn’t affect Ubuntu at all, it still worked, it still booted. So I made a switch to using Ubuntu full-time, for all my work, I did a fresh install. It too showed me a Warning on every boot regarding the Disk failure, but still worked perfectly fine.

My journey with Ubuntu started from 12.04 LTS, then made an upgrade to 14.04 LTS in this April. Then last month, my laptop’s hinge broke, so I had to get its Base and upper case replaced. Along with it, I got my hard disk replaced. So invariably, I had to get Windows fresh installed on the new hard disk.

You wouldn’t believe, but it took FIVE days to get a perfect install of Windows done. The problem was with the image of Windows that the repair guys had with them. I wouldn’t had taken the pains to install Windows if it weren’t a Genuine copy! Seriously! During these five days, my work suffered a bit, but i tried to cover a bit by using Ubuntu that I had on my pendrive. I wouldn’t install it, just use it from the pendrive, do my work and shutdown!

Those five days were a bit frustrating, and the ranting went on to Twitter too!

And then this happened in all the updates that I had to do. Both IE10 & IE11 crashed Windows, just one day after a fresh install!

Keep Calm and Run Ubuntu when Windows Bluescreens!
Keep Calm!

Its almost going to be a month now, there are still issue between me and Windows, it now refuses to completely run Google Chrome! So I have only Mozilla Firefox to use. I am a Firefox fan more than Chrome, but I do miss it on my laptop now! I could do proper testing of the websites  that I develop, on both Firefox and Chrome (Sorry IE!). Now Chrome testing is taken care of by my other partner-in-crime for developing websites at Stringz Web & Graphics!

Google, please help me get Chrome working on my Windows7, or Microsoft please let Chrome work on my Windows! Otherwise, I am planning to install Ubuntu alongside Windows (again! yes I remember what happened the last time, but still…! I love playing around with Linux you see!) I hope this time, Windows will understand me better! 😛 😀


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