Connected Automotive & Internet of Things – Mumbai

I got to attend an event on Sunday, August 3, 2014 organized by the really interesting people at Internet of Things, Mumbai (IoTMUM). Although the location was a bit far away from where I live, I still attended it. (I hope they have it somewhere in the suburbs the next time! 😀 Just Kidding! 🙂 )


The event basically had two sessions, the first one conducted by Mr Sagar Apte, who is the Founder of ‘CarIQ‘ and the second one by Mr Jatin Chotaliya, who is the Assistant Manager for Project Marketing at Ambetronics.

The first session was really interesting. Sagar had come all the way from Pune (where they are based), to talk about how they are one of the first four companies in the world to be working on a product that implements the concept of Connected Cars, and makes them smarter.

Making Cars Smarter!
Making Cars Smarter!

CarIQ basically connects your car to you, and the Internet, by enabling remote access to the location, detailed stats, and providing vehicle data and diagnostic information. CarIQ basically is an exciting way to people to talk to their CARS and understand their driving habits which would help maintaining their car. CarIQ is proudly made in India, for the world. We got a wonderful insight on how this device would simply plug-n-play into your car and what kind of details it would be able to provide to the car owner via its Web/iOS/Android app.

CarIQ - Connected Car Ecosystem!
CarIQ – Connected Car Ecosystem!

From what I got to see, there is one thing I can tell you for sure, each one of us who owns a CAR (or CARS) should take the benefits that CarIQ has got to provide. For more details head on to or see the video below. (P.S. They have 200 pre-orders placed for their device already!)

The second and more technical session was by Jatin, who talked on Connected Automotives – Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Individual (V2I) or simply put together as V2X. He spoke about how the automotive industry has advanced in terms of providing not just luxury but active safety and security features on Cars, both on the inside and the outside. He discussed regarding how autonomous driving was a step towards connected mobility, not only in Cars but in other types of vehicles like Trucks and Buses too. This connected mobility would in turn implement, in the near future, the Internet of Things in the Automotive industry.

Connected Automotive & Internet of Things
Connected Automotive & Internet of Things

Here is a link to the  presentation by given by Jatin, if you would be interested: Link

Jatin had also brought in along with him some intelligent (and expensive) hardware that provides the base to implement software to achieve ‘Connected Mobility’. To simply understand this term, take a look at the intelligent In-Car lighting, the ABS, the Airbags, the In-Car Entertainment System that can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth / WiFi / NFC. This all and a lot other things together provide Connected Mobility. This idea isn’t only a concept; we already have some real stuff now in production. Check out Audi Connect and do check out the videos there too! Amazed? I was too!

It is indeed going to be a Connected future for CARS! What do you think? Do let me know your views in the comments below… 🙂 Lets discuss!


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