First 24hrs with My Honda NAVI

I just bought it yesterday. And it’s been MADENNING! And I’ve just been laughing! 😀

Random People: “Kaunsi hai yeh?”
Me: “Honda NAVI”

Random People: “Honda ki hai?”
Me: “Haan ji”

Random People: “Bike hai ya Scooter hai?”
Me: “Bike jaisi dikhti hai lekin scooter ka engine hai. Monkey Bike bolte hai isko.”

Random People: “Matlab gear nahi hai??”
Me: “Nahi”
Random People: “Kya baat kar rhe ho!”

Random People: “Ye milti hai? Ya sirf aap ke paas hai?”
Me: “Ye milti hai, lekin sirf Honda ke showroom pe!”

Random People: “Aapne modify karayi Activa ko na?”
Me: “Nahi ye aise hi milti hai”

Random People: “Engine kitna hai?”
Me: “Activa ka hi engine hai. 110CC.”
Random People: “Kya mazak kar rhe ho! Sachi??”

Random People: “Toh mileage kitna deti hai??”
Me: “Activa jitna hi”

Random People: “Kitne ki li??” 
Me: “xx000 ki.”
Random People: “Itna hi? Matlab Activa se bhi sasta hai!”

I feel like a sales person now. I’ve spoken to more number of people about the Honda Navi than the number of kilometers on my speedometer (45km at the time of writing this article)!

And no, not just once, I’ve been repeatedly telling the specs of my bike (I like to keep calling it a bike) to random people who’ve asked me! And I’ve been asked at SO MANY random times! I’ve been asked while I’m riding and they’re riding. I’ve been asked to stop on the side by other motorcyclists so that they can enquire me about the Navi. Atleast five times – three of those alone while I was getting my bike home for the first time from the delivery point! And even on the busy highway!

Honda Navi, man! It surely grabs a hell lot of attention!! People peep out of their cars, including BMWs! Rikshaw drivers, bus drivers, other motorcyclist – they first speed past me and then they turn their heads around, including the pillion rider! I’ve been shouted at by school kids in amusement with loud “WOWWW!!”s and “DEKH KYA MAST BIKE HAI!”.

Another interesting story from this morning.

I parked my Navi in front of a Juice Centre, and walked inside. And the shop owner dropped whatever he was doing, ignored me and walked out of the shop. And then came people from the shops beside the Juice Centre. And then they shouted out to some more people to come over!

Kya hua? Shahrukh Khan aaya kya?? No! My dear Navi! It pulled a crowd of around 15-20 people in a matter of minutes! I was feeling like a celebrity and these people like hungry news reporters fighting each other to get information first! And just as I was trying to answer their questions – phone cameras came out and they started clicking pictures of the Navi! 😀 Meri photo nahi li! 😦

I couldn’t handle the attention. I got on my Navi and got out of there! This is not a story I built up! It happened for real. I was so shocked that later on after coming back home I realized that I should have clicked a photo of the crowd! 😦 I will I promise the next time it happens, because it will!

I was remembering the line from Autocar India’s review video of the Honda Navi. “Don’t buy the Navi. You won’t be able to handle the attention!”  But I had seen the complete review video and I couldn’t agree more to all the reason why I SHOULD buy the Navi and – I bought it! But whatever it is, it definitely is FUN! I do not regret my decision of going for the Honda Navi over the Honda Activa! Not a single person would have blinked an eye or have bothered if I were riding an Activa today. So cheers to the Navi! 😀

It is definitely going to take me some more time (it’s just been a day! Come on!) to getting used to the (mega) attention apart from the congratulations and “Mast Bike hai!” from all the random people that the Navi attracts!

There have been some random and goodnight hugs and kisses for my Navi, but that’s between me and her! No details for you people! 😛


Honda 2 Wheeler India, if you are reading this article, make me an Ambasaddor for the Navi! Please Please Please! You’re definitely getting a lot of sales from me!! As it is I’ve been asked by known people for test drives also now! 😛 😀 Ye hi bacha hai bas ab! (This is the only thing left to do now!)

Update: Attention all Honda NAVI owners! I have created a Facebook Group for us! Do join in!


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