Long term review – Honda Navi after 3 months and 2000kms.

So I completed 2000kms on my Honda Navi and here’s my review!  I’ve started walking less than ever because of my Navi. Wherever I need to go in and around Mumbai, or even to the market when Mummy says “Dhaniya le aa”, it’s always me on the Navi 😂.

Each month with the Navi has been a memorable one! This is my first ever vehicle and I have never seen so much of Mumbai before! The first month was a drive careful month.. Sticking below 40kmph before the first service of my Navi. This was the most easiest time for people to stop me and have a chat with me about the Navi. Yes the questions still continue to be the same from the first post!! 😂 The second was more fun! More adventurous! And the third – it was just crazy! 😜

First Month

As you might already know about the Navi, it doesn’t come with a fuel indicator and it has a reserve switch for the fuel tank. I learnt about both the hard way. I had just joined an internship in Powai when this incident happened. Unaware of the reserve switch and how to use it, I was riding back home from the internship and suddenly the bike stopped. I didn’t know why it was not starting again. I panicked thinking (over-thinking 😢) that there must be something defective with the bike, how can it break down suddenly and so soon..it hadn’t even completed a month. I made a call back home and then suddenly after 15 minutes half of my relatives got to know I was stranded with my bike and I got tons of calls back asking me what happened, advicing me what I could do, giving me tips to try and get the bike started.

All the drama continued for about an hour. Navi started again and then I tried to rush back home as soon as possible.. breaking down again halfway.. The only thing I could understand was that the accelerator was losing response and I had to accelerate harder to get normal acceleration 😰. What took me another half an hour to realize is that I had merely ran out of fuel 🙈😅, because once I reached the first petrol pump on my way back home and refuelled, everything was suddenly back to normal! Like magic! ✨

And then I spent another hour after reaching home, talking to relatives about the incident, thanking them for their support and concern and tips and ideas! 😅

Oh and about the reserve switch on the bike, I went through the manual after talking to the relatives and I got to know that all this while I was driving with the switch on ‘reserve’ mode instead of ‘on’ mode. (I should have put the switch on ‘on’ mode and when it feels like I need to accelerate harder or the bike stops, I must only then put the switch on ‘reserve’ mode and rush to the nearest petrol pump.)

Second month

The next month, another first-time incident! I was out meeting my two best friends in the evening! We ate some awesome Dosa outside Mithibai and then while riding on my Navi and their Activa in Vile Parle we were discussing what route to take next “Should we take the right ➡️?”. And guess what we did in the discussion – neither of us saw the signal, we didn’t take the right, we went straight and there he was! “Side la ghya” he said! (get your bikes to the side of the road). No prizes for guessing who he was! 😝

I paid my first fine that day! And guess which “lucky” day it was? Exactly the day from when the fines had been increased! We silently paid our fines (Rs 200 each!) and then left from there quickly, stopped  after a little distance and were laughing hard about what had just happened! We didn’t break the signal on purpose! We didn’t even notice it in the first place amidst our discussion, forget breaking it! 😂 I’ve still kept the receipts for memories sake! 😅

Apart from this achievement – I had a grand idea! I thought of starting a group of Navi owners from Mumbai so that we could ride together and can attract more attention than ever! 😝😂 So there I was on Facebook and Instagram hunting for people who own a Navi and are from Mumbai! And man was it a tough task for me! Big time! Approaching strangers and striking a conversation is not really something I’m good at but I gave it a shot and it worked! I managed to organize my first Honda Navi meet and three Navis made it for the event (Myself, Rajiv and Akash). It was just a casual meet, no agenda set – but we enjoyed like hell. This was the first time I had explored Mumbai late in the dead of the night – I never seen it so silent and calm – its always the hustle and traffic that I had known about Mumbai – this Mumbai it was something else – a great experience that I won’t be able to justify in words! We rode around Bandra Carters, Mahim Durga side and then towards the Bandra Worli Sea Link – did a cheeky photo shoot with our Navis and reached back home at around 4am! We also had a downhill race! And another minor incident that Akash wouldn’t want me to talk about and make it so much public! 😜

L-R: Super_Siddy, Rajiv bhai and Akash
L-R: Super_Siddy, Rajiv bhai and Akash from the First Honda Navi Owners Mumbai meet
The Navi photo shoot at 3am near Bandra Worli Sea Link!
The Navi photo shoot at 3am near Bandra Worli Sea Link!

And I also learnt about the use of the ‘off’ mode of the reserve switch thanks to Rajiv bhai!

Third Month

The third month has definitely been the craziest of all! Another set of first incidents and achievement unlocks 😅😝! I managed to cross 2000kms (I’m at 2424kms at the time of writing this post)! And I also managed to get my Navi towed! How? I had to attend a press event at the Taj Lands End, Bandra on Sunday, September 25. And this big hotel couldn’t give my small bike a parking space! So I had to park it outside, close to the Bandstand / Bandra Fort entrance. I checked for a No Parking sign around the area, couldn’t find one – so I parked it there next to the other bikes that were already parked.

It was a great event. I’ll write about the event in a separate post on my other blog ‘The Best CAR Blog Ever‘. Watch out for it! After the event when I came out, my Navi was gone 😱. I wasn’t sure if it had been towed or moved to a different spot. So I took a few rounds of the area but couldn’t find it. Then I tried to inquire around if bikes get towed from here. I called and informed back home about what happened and this time I told them not to inform any relatives! I would handle it on my own! 😝 Then I asked a rickshaw wala whether he knew where do they tow and take the bikes. Luckily he knew and agreed to take me to Bandra SV Road – Highway junction. I had to show my papers, my licence and then got my bike after paying a fine of Rs 300! Achievement unlocked! 😝

Did I mention my phone died just a day before that event? My Lumia 1020 died suddenly! 😢 I have been without a smart phone for almost two weeks now! Yes I’m getting a new phone but I’m not revealing which one right now. I’ll make a post about it too if you would want to read more of what I write! Please let me know by your comments, likes or shares if I should write more! You can even tweet to me @Super_Siddy or message me on Facebook (if we’re friends on Facebook) or email me at sid@thebestcarblogever.com! My writing will definitely get better I promise! 😇

P.S.  You made it till here but were expecting a technical bike/scooter review about the Navi?? I’m so sorry! 😝😂 But yeah, in short – if you want a really practical scooter to carry loads of luggage on it or even go three-seater (⚠️ Don’t do it! It’s not safe!) don’t buy the Navi 🛑! Don’t! But if you want a scooter that looks like a bike, feels like a bike, catches people’s attention, a scooter that is FUN and not practical (less storage, small tank and no fuel indicator) then go right away 🏃 and get yourself a Navi!! 🏍️😁

P.P.S. All of you who are reading this post need to thank this guy who motivated me to write another post on my Navi! Because he really enjoyed my first post about my Navi! Thanks Naman!! 😁


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